Shira Amram

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Moshe Mustacchi
Anna Kerzner
Go Shira!!!
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In honor of pizza professors best employee
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Good luck sweetie!!
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Izzy Sendzischew
You can do it shira!! Your the best!!
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In loving memory of Richard
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Laurie K Gross
We're proud of you, Shira!!
Susie Shweky
Anna And Dovid
Caryn Cohen
Good luck!
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Eliana Mosseri
Eliana Mosseri
Eliana Mosseri
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Welcome To My Donation Page

Goal: 3000
This year I will be running for a marathon called shalva. This marathon takes place in Israel and is an organization for kids with autism. Im super excited to be a part of this marathon and help kids in need. Please help me reach my goal by donating any amount of money possible. This can be from maaser or just extra cash lying around. Any donations will be greatly appreciated and will bring me closer to this amazing experience. Thank you so much!!