Honorary Runners

meet shachaf

Shachaf is a friendly and caring 16-year-old girl who has been attending Shalva's afternoon program since she was a little girl. Legend has it she was once shy but that is no longer the case. In 2017's Community Run she had the incredible honor of leading the run hand-in-hand with Olympian Ori Sasson. And in 2018 she could be seen dancing on the marathon start line stage moments before the race start gun went off. At Shalva she always looks out for her friends and loves helping out. We can barely wait to see what Shachaf will surprise us with in Team Shalva 2019!

meet maor

Maor was born deaf, with cognitive disabilities and one leg longer than the other. Maor, who can only walk a few steps at a time, participates in the 800 meter Community Run every year with such determination, that he truly inspires everyone around him. He has now crossed the finish line six years in a row and with the Jerusalem Marathon being one of the highlights in Maor's year, you're welcome to run alongside him in 2019 as he completes this challenging feat!