Safety and Security

We at Shalva understand that interested race participants and their families may be concerned about the current security situation in Israel. Let us assure you that the safety and security of our runners is our highest priority.

The Jerusalem Marathon is becoming much more than a race for Team Shalva; it is quickly becoming a symbol of solidarity with our brethren in Israel.
United we run
In addition to the Israeli government's strict security measures taken to guard public places, we will be taking additional precautions. All Shalva busses will be accompanied by professional security guards and we will have extra security at the hotel. The marathon itself is a highly secure event with thousands of police and security personnel deployed throughout the city and along the route. Shalva will also be organizing extra security at the victory party tent.

As your security is our biggest concern, we strictly follow all safety and security guidelines.

Our wonderful mayor Nir Barkat constantly says "Jerusalem is Open for Business" and we look forward to an exciting, memorable and above all, safe Jerusalem Marathon experience.
united we run
This March we will stand together.
Better yet, we will run together!
For Shalva. For Israel. And for the Jewish people.
it's solidarity!
Israel is our home! And 6,000,000 of our brothers live there. What can be more powerful than showing them that we are together with them.
it's secure!
Security precautions in Israel are extensive and we take them very seriously to ensure that our runners are as safe as can be.
it's israel!
The government of Israel is devoted to the safety and security of visitors and citizens alike and YOU are our number one priority.
Come experience Israel as never before – For Israel.
For the Children. And because you can!
experience israel