Reyna Perelis

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David & Susan
Sheryl And Bruce Schainker
Minna Heilpern
yasher koach, Reyna!
Reena Goldberger
Leah & Alex Moskovits
Anonymous Sponsor
Amy Zwas And Yoram Bitton
David And Sara Susswein Tesler
In memory of Brian Galbut who inspired so many people and left the world a better place
Pearl And Daniel Magence
Daniel Smokler
Go Reyna Go!
Shira & David
The Gottliebs
David Montag
Rebecca & Marc Wolf
Marcia And David Jacobowitz
Dear Reyna, may you be like Asahel - fleet of foot - to do the bidding of Hashem
Justin And Robin Straus
This donation is made in memory of your beloved uncle. Best of luck to you Reyna.
Wendy Amsellem
Hooray Reyna!
Serena And Mechi Jenkelowitz
Schlaff-Pearlberg Family
Run well, Reyna, and may your dedication be an inspiration to many others. כל הכבוד!
Anonymous Sponsor
run reyna run
Abie Perelis
Reyna, you're gonna do amazing. Maybe you'll run the whole thing!
Batsheva Perelis
I'm so proud of you, I love you!
Rotenberg-Schwartz Family
Honored to be able to sponsor you!
Julie Lieber And Eric Shafran
Go Reyna! What a wonderful way to honor the memory of your dear Uncle Brian.
Michael & Elissa Yurowitz
Good Luck Reyna!
Morty And Milly Rosner
In Brian’s Memory
Sharron And Dan Wechter
Reyna so happy to hear that you will be running...You are amazing!!
Shoshana Chanales And Doni Moskovits
Kol Hakavod, Reyna!
Charlotte & Nathan Kruman
!תזכי למצוות
Abbie Kozolchyk
Go, Reyna! What a beautiful way to honor his memory. Sending you much love and admiration.
Elke And Kalman Stein
In memory of your uncle Brian
The Birns
Go Reyna!
The Sarna Family
The Sarnas are cheering you on!
Deena Aranoff
Tizki L'mitzvot, Reyna!
Janet And Kenny Hoffman
well done, Reyna.
Alberto & Laura Masliah
Val Vinokur
Simone & Ethan Goldsmith
Go Reyna!!!
Shuli And Ben S.
Kenny And Shira Schiowitz
In memory of your uncle, Brian z"l and also in honor of all the chessed that you do!
Cori Robinson
Best of luck Reyna!
Rachel, Moriah, Pardes, Keter & Ness
Y'shaar koach Reyna! Run mightily!
Jessy & Yael B (and Natan Too!!)
Reyna we're so proud of you and we are rooting for you all the way from Philly!! We love youu!!!
MC And Batya Jacobowitz
Go REYNA!! We love you!
Noam Schneck
Have a great run, Reyna!
Sandra And Richard Goldberger
Aaron And Shira Hecht-Koller
Run like the wind! So proud of you.
Ilene Miller
Yasher koach. Keep running Reyna to do mitzvos. May your uncles memory he for a blessing.
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Welcome To My Donation Page!

Goal: 3000
Welcome to my Shalva Marathon page!
This year I hope to run with Shalva in the Jerusalem Marathon, for the second time. When I ran with Shalva last year, I experienced firsthand the warmth and joy that Shalva gives to its families. Every day, hundreds of children and young adults with special needs are bussed to Shalva’s facility in Jerusalem. There they swim, play sports, do art, sing and dance. Shalva treats everyone who enters their doors with respect and immediate, overflowing love.
Running with Shalva in the Jerusalem Marathon has become a dream for me ever since I left Israel last year. Shalva’s mission inspires me, and enabling them to continue their work through my fundraising is very important to me.
Last year, I ran with the recovery of my uncle, Rabbi Dr. Brian Galbut, Z”L, in mind. My uncle Brian was a man who loved endlessly and made sure that every day he made the world a little kinder, a little more full of Torah. I hope to honor his memory by running again this year.