This is when I visited Shalva during my trip in Israel for Sukkot.

Ma'ayan Zakheim

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Ronald Kleinfeldt
To our Super Star Grandaughter. We Luuuuv you !!! Savti & Poppi
Dr. Dov S. Zakheim
Shalva is a fantastic organization. You are putting your tremendous athleticism in service to a huge mitzva. Love, Nana and Zayda
NJ Zakheims
Tanta Sara and I are so proud of you! Good luck with the race!
JC Bendheim
Love, Savta and Sabba
Avigail And Akiva Bendheim
Go Mayan - So proud of you! Avigail and Akiva
Teaneck Bendheim's
Way to go Ma'ayan!!!
Noam Eisenberg
Way to go!
Fox Family
Go Ma'ayan! we will cheer for you near the first station, the Fox family
Philip & Donna Bendheim
Go Ma’ayan!
Steinlauf Fam
Go Ma'ayan! We are so proud of you!
Efrat Ziering
Gershberg Family
Go Ma’ayan!!!
The Abenaim Family
So proud of you Ma'ayan!
Daniel And Alisa Schwartz
Laufer Family
Yasher koach Ma'ayan!
BMore Zakheim
Way to go Mia!!!
Sara Susswein Tesler
Way to go Maayan! We hope to cheer you on!
Anonymous Sponsor
Zoe Feldman
Sharon & David Butler
We're proud of you, Maayan!
Ima And Daddy
We are insanely proud of you!!! עלי והצליחי בחוצות ירושלים
Stephanie Sokol
Good luck Ma’ayan!!!!
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Goal: 3000
Hi, my name is Ma'ayan Zakheim, I am 14 years old and I'm a 9th-grade student at Berman Hebrew Academy. This year I chose to participate in running a 10k with Team Shalva in the Jerusalem Marathon. I will be flying overseas from Maryland to Jerusalem, Israel to compete in the marathon. So many people from all over the world come together to run for this organization and it seems like an amazing experience. The event combines Shalva, a place that has a holy mission, with the holiest place in the world, the land of Israel. I chose to participate in this event because when I heard about and recently visited Shalva, I was touched. Shalva's goal is to help people who have disabilities prosper in life on their own. They don't just help young kids cope with their disabilities, but they help adults as well. Shalva trains and educates these people so that they will be able to live independently and get jobs of their own. They also provide therapy and activities so kids and adults won't be limited in what they can do. Additionally, Shalva was made by parents who were confronted by this same struggle. Their son had developed a few disabilities and instead of feeling bad for themselves and their son, Malki and Kalman Samuels, decided to do something about it. They wanted their son to learn and grow just like every other kid, they wanted him to lead a life of his own. This is when they began Shalva. Now, many years later, Shalva’s building is amazing. It has bright colors so that the kids don’t feel like they are trapped in a hospital, and it is also kept very nice and clean. On top of that, there is beautiful artwork all over the building from profound art to children’s storybooks, it is all for the kids to enjoy. As a nonprofit organization, Shalva has won many awards such as the Nefesh b’Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize in 2018 along with Jerusalem’s Award of Distinction for National Service Volunteers in 2009 and many others. I am lucky to have the chance to be able to be a part of this community and really change people's lives. So please help me and donate money so that I can run in the Jerusalem marathon. Your support will help dozens of people not just feel included but get a job of their own and live life to the fullest. Thank you so much!