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Lori Goldenberg
CA $118.00
In memory of Evan y"h, Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.
Jordana Smiley
CA $118.00
what a beautiful way to honour your beloved Evan!!!! Go Lisa!
Donna Glassman
CA $180
Go Lisa Go
Maura & Stephen Turk
CA $180.00
You are Amazing!!
Eva And Keith Silverberg
CA $180.00
Go Lisa Go! Memories of your sweet Evan y"h will forever live on in our hearts. xo
Anonymous Sponsor
CA $118.00
Go Lisa! Evan is forever in our hearts
The Cohen Family
CA $180
Evan is forever in our hearts! What a wonderful way to honour him.
Brandon Koffler
CA $180
Anonymous Sponsor
CA $118.00
Amalia Berg
CA $180
In honour and memory of Evan. Lisa, you make us all so proud. Your strength is inspiring. You’re my hero. xoxo
Julia & David Rosenthal
CA $118.00
What a special way to honour Evan’s memory. Shalva is a very special place 💙💙
Dana And Steve Katz And Family
CA $118.00
Supporting you always as you walk/run in memory of your beloved son Evan
Annette Duvdevani
CA $136.00
In memory of your sweet Evan. Xo
Susan Gortler
CA $180.00
Evan is in my thoughts and heart every day!
Michele Rotman
CA $118.00
This is really special. Go Lisa!
CA $154.00
Lisa - I have some fond memories of Evan! If he were alive today, he would have been a Trail Blazer!
CA $100
The Pludwinski family wish you the best in honouring the memory of Evan
Ion & Anna Nicolae Blum
CA $180
Go Lisa Go!!!
Aviva Pesachov
CA $180.00
You go Girl!!! So proud of you. XXX
Tammy & Brian Joffe
CA $180.00
Faith Sherman
CA $180.00
Evan y"h would be so proud of you! XO
Cindy Goldfarb
CA $136.00
In memory of your beloved son Evan
Stephanie Gerstein Schecter
CA $180
What a wonderful way to honour your beloved son Evan’s memory. You’re truly inspiring 💕
Brenda Simpson
CA $118.00
in loving memory of Evan
Lisa Linden Wiseman
CA $136.00
What a lovely way to honour Evan’s memory. You go, girl!
Alana & Greg Konopny
CA $180
Sending Love and support to Lisa!
Linda And Ricky Schwartz
CA $180.00
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Welcome To Lisa's Donation Page

Goal: 5000
Welcome to my marathon sponsor page!

This March I will be running as part of Team Shalva in the Jerusalem Marathon!

I am heading off to participate in the walk/run Jerusalem marathon as part of Team Shalva - and I need your help!!

This walk/run is dedicated to the memory of our beloved Evan y”h, who passed away shortly after his Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem. Through Evan’s strength, bravery and determination we are going to run for the children of Shalva.!

Shalva is Israel’s premier institution that cares for, and supports children with special needs, and their families. They take in every need – from physical to cognitive disabilities. The real twist with Shalva is everyone does the walk/run – even the children of Shalva in wheelchairs too!!

It is true that you can judge every society by how they care for their disadvantaged. Let those who criticize Israel come to SHALVA and witness the other side of Israel: the noble, loving, and caring Israel. As a Jew, I am proud to say that we all can be part of this Israel.!

Thank you in advance for your help and generosity.