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I know that you can do this...I am very proud of your act of chesed!
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Run fast, don’t follow Jonah!
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We r proud of you Jonah!
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In memory of Olga Mamon zl”
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have a great trip Jonah
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Good luck in the marathon !
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Very proud of you for undertaking this noble endeavour.
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We are so proud of you !!!
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Welcome To My Donation Page

Goal: 3100
Welcome to my marathon sponsor page!

This March I will be running as part of Team Shalva in the Jerusalem Marathon!

This long distance race has been named one of the hardest on the planet, so why in the world am I doing it?

I urge myself to help anything in order to support incredible individuals, they deserve significantly more than only a fundraising marathon. However I am going to attempt to contribute whatever I can.

I've never ran in a long distance race, that is on the grounds that I am not a sprinter, I am a slow runner, and I recently recovered from a broken ankle. My point is that on the off chance that you truly care about a purpose, that is the thing that you ought to do.

I am just in grade 9, however I plan on going to do this long distance race since It helps them more than anything and they really appreciate it.

Imagine an occasion for you where everybody is donating money and individuals are coming to help and show support for you. That is the thing that Shalva represents each day, they are extremely incredible individuals who care a great deal about what they do and they have settled on the correct decision. I want to feel just like the people who work and help at shalva for even one second because it will make me feel as though I had done something amazing.

Shalva has been helping people with disabilities and their relatives in the most caring and most adoring environment for about 30 years. From earliest stages through adulthood, this astounding association gives driving edge therapies, inclusive educational frameworks, social and recreational activities, employment training, independent living, respite programs regardless of religion, ethnic background or financial capability!

Simply put, Shalva is an incredible place and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The staff are so loving and kind and always go above and beyond to make the center a home away from home.

I am doing my part to support this amazing organization by running, and I need your help.

I'll deal with the preparation, the throbbing feet and the end goal on the off chance that you'll help me by giving to this noble motivation. All donations are 100% tax deductible, anything you can give would enable me to meet my objective, and together we'll be supporting this genuinely amazing place.

Thank you in advance for your help and generosity.

Jonah Beckenstein