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('נא הכניסו את סכום התרומה, ללא סימנים (דולר, ש"ח וכו
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Anonymous Sponsor
CA $180
Yasher Koach, Galit!
Flo Urbach
CA $50.00
Very proud of you.
Anonymous Sponsor
CA $56
Michelle Chapman
CA $50.00
Ora Kideckel
CA $18.00
Tizku lemitzvos!!!! so proud of you galit!!!!!! I ❤️ GALIT
Bonnie Wells
CA $36.00
Way to go!!!
Elysse, Rick, Hannah And Danielle
CA $100
Way to go, Galit! What an incredible experience in support of such a worthy cause.
Mansell Family
CA $72
Congrats Galit!!
Eden Bergman
CA $72
Best of luck Galit. XO Eden and family
The Urbachs
CA $72.00
Good Luck Galit!!!
Roy, Joanne, Jake, Cole, Ely
CA $108
Run well Galit-an excellent cause!
Eyal & Ali Cohen
CA $54
Way to go Galit!
Alla Levit And Ken Beallor
CA $100
Good luck Galit!
Andrew Morris & Anna Aleinikov
CA $180.00
Yasher koach, Galit!!! Enjoy every minute.
Hope Springman And Kenneth Norwich
CA $36
Congratulations on participating in this wonderful cause - we are so proud of you!
CA $54.00
Run well Galit
Anita Herczeg
CA $50.00
Good luck Galit!
Lisa & David Eisen
CA $72.00
Way to go Galit! 💜 Lisa & David Eisen
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Welcome To My Donation Page

Goal: 3400

Welcome to my fundraising page for Shalva! This March I will be running with Team Shalva in the Jerusalem marathon in Israel, and I need your help to raise money for this amazing organization! Over the last few weeks I have been volunteering with adults and children with special needs. It has been a really rewarding experience and I am looking forward to raising money and running in support of Shalva.

Shalva is an organization that helps provide care for people with special needs and also provides support for their families. Shalva organizes a countless number of activities and programs that promote social inclusion. Shalva cares for all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, or financial capabilities, impacting those involved in Shalva, but also beyond Shalva, by providing transformative research! Thank you so much for your support of Shalva!

All donations made are tax deductible.