Me and my little firefighter, Netanel, who I have the pleasure of volunteering with every Tuesday in the Shalva gan :)

Edan Green

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Leah Schachter & ETTA.
So so proud of you!!
Sonia Green
Michelle Hirsch
You are both incredible and inspiring ladies!
Bronislava Kogul
Proud of You Edan 👍❤️
Esther Segal
Edan , I miss you and am really proud of you!!
Sarah Schwartz
In honor of Edan! Keep up the amazing work and keep making us proud!
Yay Edan!! Miss u
Chana Edrei
Go Edan! You’re so amazing! Miss you❤️
Anonymous Sponsor
Miryam Sandhaus
Anonymous Sponsor
You’re doing amazing things Edan! Proud of you :)
Howard And Gity Gluck
Edan, you continue to inspire us!
Avraham Liav
Proud of you Edan
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Welcome! Let’s do this together!

Goal: 540
Hi!!! Welcome to my page! If you know me, you know I love Shalva! I have been fortunate enough to participate in the marathon as a high school student and I will never forget the meaningful and loving experience I felt when I ran for Shalva. I have been given a true blessing as this year my volunteer time is spent playing, learning, singing and laughing with an incredible group of Shalva’s gan children. This organization has given so much to me, please help me give back and celebrate the beauty of this cause. You too could be a part of something this wonderful! Thank you for your interest and generosity! Tizku L’mitzvot!