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Deena & Yehuda Roller

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Go Deena & Yehuda!
Abba And Imma
Good luck Deena, Yehuda, and all of Team Yair!
Dina And Simcha Himmel
Good luck & have fun. So great you’re running!
Yehuda And Deena
Go Shalva, Go us!
Rivka And Marty
Kol HaKavod, Deena, Yehuda, Bentzi, and Team Yair - his smile says it all!
Anonymous Sponsor
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Yehuda and Deena Roller Running for Shalva

Goal: 6000
Welcome to our marathon sponsor page!

This March we will be running as part of Team Shalva in the Jerusalem Marathon! We did it before and now we will do it again, Yair you inspire us to keep pushing!

Benzy, Chedva and Yair, you set the example for overcoming challenges. It's hard, almost impossible, but you can do it with a smile! Shalva has definitely made your smile wider.

Please help us to support Shalva, they help miracles to happen.