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B'hatzlacha Aviya - we are so proud of you!
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This is a great initiative!
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Proud of you Aviya! Such an awesome initiative!
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Very proud of you!
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You go girl!!
Poppa Neil
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Exciting! Go Aviya!
Samantha And Justin Vineberg
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Hope someone has Burgers Bar waiting at the finish line! Good luck!
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Eric Scheier
Go Aviya!
Matthew Brown
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Run, Aviya, run!
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Good luck!
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Go for it!
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Very proud of you!! Thank you for including us in this Mitzvah!
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Paul Korne
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Happy to support you for this worthwhile cause!
The Claudine & Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation
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Good Luck with your run Aviya, Claudine & Stephen Bronfman
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We are proud of you, Aviya!
Heather And Joseph Paperman Foundation
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Aviya Scheier
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Carol Koffler
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The Pascal Family Fund
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Good Luck
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Welcome To My Donation Page

Goal: 3400

Dear family and friends,

There are many things I love about Israel. Top on the list is Burgers Bar. I don’t know if I love running, so it takes a truly important cause for me to do something like running a marathon. Between training, fundraising and planning, the organization needs to be incredibly special. And that's what Shalva is to me. For children with disabilities and their families, life can often be difficult, disheartening and frightening.

This is where Shalva comes in. In this life-changing organization in Israel, every child becomes a cherished member of the Shalva family. Kids with disabilities become, "just kids," with friends and laughter, fun activities and beautiful memories. Children from birth through adulthood are serviced by the most professional, caring and compassionate staff and not only are the children taken care of and treasured, their family members are also incorporated into the Shalva family with warmth and genuine love.

I have had the pleasure of reading about Shalva and I can tell you what an extraordinary place it is. I've decided to run in the Jerusalem Marathon on March 17th, 2023. I plan to raise over CA $3,400.00 and I hope you will help me reach this goal by making a donation – anything helps!

Your support is vital to my success in this race and will make such a huge difference in the lives of these wonderful children. All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law, and the Team Shalva website makes donations quick, easy, and secure. Please visit my personal page at http://www.run4shalva.org/my/aviya today. If your company has a matching gift program, please let me know so I can send that information to Shalva so your gift can be doubled or tripled.

I will keep you up to date on my training progress for my run, and of course, I'll let you know how the race goes! Please feel free to share this email with anyone who you think might be interested in giving to this awesome organization.

On behalf of the children and families of Shalva, thank you for your time and contribution,
Aviya Scheier