• Team Shalva was an incredible, inspiring, and uplifting experience!
    Yola A.
  • I had an unforgettable, life changing experience and I encourage everybody who can to come to Israel and run with Team Shalva. It was an amazing feeling running through the streets of Jerusalem for a good cause with everybody supporting you and helping you push through it.
    Einav K.
  • Running for such an important cause was an amazing experience. The well detailed organization was really impressive and allowed for everything to run super smoothly.
    Miriam K.
  • The Team Shalva weekend was the highlight of my year! The people, programs, activities, etc. made the whole trip so special and amazing for me. Thank you, Shalva!
    Shalom Z.
  • The project was so well organised and efficiently run, everything was thought through and carried out with sincerity.
    Rebecca L.
  • I was overwhelmed (in a beautiful way)! Running with Team Shalva gave me a feeling of inner joy, belonging, connection and pleasure.
    Marla Y.
  • I have been to Israel twice before, however this was by far the best experience I have had there!
    Leah E.
  • I'm telling everyone back home they should do it next year, it was the most amazing experience of my life.
    Yoey G.
  • Thank you so much. For everything. You are changing people's lives every day!
    Ricki I.
  • Walking into the Shalva Center made all of my fundraising efforts worthwhile.
    Yael C.
  • I loved everything about the Team Shalva weekend, especially the Shalva Band concert and the Community Run with the Shalva kids.
    Mark W.
  • I had a wonderful, enjoyable, inspirational, spiritual and fun weekend, I can't wait to sign up for 2018.
    Sara E.
  • I have run many marathons however running through Jerusalem with Team Shalva was the most AMAZING experience!
    Larry S.
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