Nathan Lieberman

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('נא הכניסו את סכום התרומה, ללא סימנים (דולר, ש"ח וכו
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Moshe And Sarah Donath
Nate, you are supporting an amazing organization. Sarah and I know firsthand that Shalva changes lives. We are very proud of you. Lots of Hatzlacha
Zayda Orbach
Congratulations Nate! We are so proud of you!
Bubby Lieberman
Nate we are so proud of you!!! Good luck in the race!!! Love Bubby!!!
Olivia, Ella And Tobias Lieberman
Nate you are the best big brother! We are so proud of you!!
Anonymous Sponsor
David Diner
Kol Hakavod!!!
Avi And Oona Lieberman
Lisa And Jason Farber
Good luck Nate, what a wonderful cause!
Linda & Willy Lieberman
Mazel Tov ! So proud of your iniative ! What a beautiful Mitzva !
Auntie Dara, Uncle David And The Livingston Orbach Gang
Go Nate!! We are so proud of you!!!!!!
Anonymous Sponsor
Elie Donath
Marla & Peter Veres
Kol hakavod to you Nate
Friend Of Hebrew Academy
Kol hakavod!
Eliav And Caroline Sharvit
Larry Lieberman
Uncle Meyer, Eve, Lea, Bo & Zeke
Nate Dog!
Dina And Daniel Lieberman
Yael And Josh Orzech
Tova & Scott Garber
Good Luck!
Moshe & Rochel Schlusselberg
Run Nate! Run! Tizku L'mitzvot! Aunt Rochel & Uncle Moshe
Jane, James And Sydell Rogozinsky
So proud of you!!! We love you!!!
Daniel And Sharon Schlusselberg
We are so proud to sponsor you! Good luck! Love, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Donny
R Brooks Lieberman
Go Nate Go !! Have a great run for a great cause !! We are so proud of u !! AlwYs sheppong nachas bh kh We love u so much !! Auntie Renee Uncle Marty Dina Danie Janie Jamie Nicole Max Sydell & Emily Bella
Sara Gila Schlusselberg
Go Nate!! I'm so proud of you (now and always)!!
The Muss Family
Way to go Nate!! This is amazing!
Eliana And Dan And Daphne Kohn
Go Nate!!! We’re so proud of you! Love, Eliana and Dan and Daphne
Edie And Phil Friedman
Lauren & Alvin Suissa
Go Nate! We are so proud of you!
Naomi & Michael Lieberman
Aliza And Rob Balis
Way to go!!
Adrianne & Shlomo Drazin
Good luck! We are very proud!
Rosie Shahrabani
In Honour of our wonderful neighbors!
Anonymous Sponsor
David & Sarette Hornblass
What an amazing cause Nate!! Kol Hakavod
Helene Donath
Elliot And Adam Greenstone
Good luck! See you there...
Yael And Avi Miller
Kol Hakavod!
Karl Fallenbaum
We are so proud of you! Vanessa and Karl Fallenbaum
Mitchell & Karen Cobrin
Dear Nate, yasher koach. You are supporting an amazing organization. Come home safely. No seeds or nuts!
Anonymous Sponsor
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Welcome To My Donation Page

Goal: 12000
Welcome to my marathon sponsor page!

This March I will be running as part of Team Shalva in the Jerusalem Marathon!

This marathon has been dubbed one of the hardest in the world, so why on earth am I doing it?

The reason is Shalva.

Shalva has been providing transformative care to children with disabilities and their family members in the most warm and loving environment for the past 28 years. The new state-of-the-art Shalva National Center opened in 2016 where they are now servicing literally thousands of children per week, free of charge.

Simply put, Shalva is an incredible place. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and cares for children from birth through 21 years. The staff is so loving and kind, to both the children and their families, and goes above and beyond to make the center a home away from home.

I am doing my part to support this amazing organization by running, and I need your help.

I'll take care of the training, the achy feet and the finish line if you'll help me by donating to this worthy cause. All donations are 100% tax deductible, anything you can give would help me reach my goal, and together we'll be supporting this truly special place.

Thank you in advance for your help and generosity.