Mitchell Simon

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Mitchell Simon
Run Mitchell Run תגיד שלום לשמוליק ורן
The Zadik Family
You got this Mitch!
Janet And Jeff Karp
Proud of you Mitchell!
Urbach Family
Good luck!
Eric Petersiel
The Katz/Feldberg Clan
This is an amazing initiative Mitchell. Have a fabulous run!
Irving Matlow- See You In Jerusalem
Carol And David Eiley
Astri Kingstone
Wonderful, Mitchell! Proud to be your friend :)
Laura Malowane
So proud of you Mitchell!
Peter And Shelley Fink
The Krongold/Diamond Family
Good luck!
Peter & Randi Satok
Best of luck Mitchell! What a great experience.
Anonymous Sponsor
way to go Mitchell!
Simon Family
We are so proud of you and your wish to join Team Shalva.
Joel Landau
Best wishes. Good work.
Fran Berkoff
Have a great run Mitchele
The Eileyians!
The real purpose of running is to test the limits of a persons heart - Mitchell you have a big heart!
Stephanie Eiley
Marci And Lorne Rose
Way to go Mitchell!! Very proud of you.
David Greenberg
Mindy And Jacob And Family
Ellen Feinman
Way to go, Mitchell!
Netta Zweig & Dan Goldberg
What a great initiative, Mitchell - Yashar Koach!
Joan And Hy EILEY
In honor of Mitchell Simon
Anonymous Sponsor
Anonymous Sponsor
Yasher Koach!!
Andrew Shaul
Barbara Corber
Randy + Stuart Eiley
Great work !
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Welcome To My Donation Page

Goal: 3018
As a 15 year old Jewish Canadian teenager who feels privileged in so many ways, making a difference in the world is becoming increasingly important to me. That's why I am joining Team Shalva this spring.

I am really hoping you can help me out.

Please consider sponsoring me for the Jerusalem Marathon where I will run side by side with Shalva's team of children with special needs and marathon runners. We will represent a beautiful demonstration of a community that promotes health, inclusion, and the celebration of life.

By sponsoring me, you will be supporting thousands of amazing children with disabilities and their family members who find hope and joy at Shalva .

Shalva is an organization that provides transformative care in the most warm and loving environment. It’s programs offer a host of therapies, inclusive educational frameworks, sports and wellness, recreational activities, as well as respite and family support. It is an incredible place that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for everyone free of charge regardless of race, religion or financial capability.

It’s made a tremendous impact in so many lives for 28 years.

This summer, I was fortunate to be paired with a camper with special needs in the integrated Tikvah program at Camp Ramah. I taught him how to play spikeball while he taught me about patience and perseverance.

Please consider making a donation on my page! Anything you can give helps to make a difference.

!השנה הבא בירושלים