Danielle Mero

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('נא הכניסו את סכום התרומה, ללא סימנים (דולר, ש"ח וכו
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Jay Goldberg
In memory of ruth rachel
Vivian Glueck
So happy to be sponsoring Danielle for such a wonderful Tzedakah!
Joel Seidemann
In honor of the Mero Mishpocha
Erica Ohayon And Fam
In memory of our beautiful, strong and wise cousin Ruthie
L & J Sugar
So proud of you!!!! Keep up the good work! Love you
Scott, Norma & Daniel
In honor of Ruth Tabak Ungar. Danielle, We are so proud of you! Love, Scott, Norma & Daniel
Joe Blank & Eva Blank
Danielle, May you always run for good causes, Joe & Eva Blank
The Ungar Family❤️😀
In lovin’ memory of our dear mother and grandmother, Ruth Tabak Ungar. Grandma, would be so proud of you! Love the Ungars
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Tehila And Nadav Kidron
In honor of dearest Danielle and the Mero family
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Danielle's Shalva Page

Goal: 2950
I am running for Shalva, an organization for disabled individuals on March 15, 2019 in memory of my grandmother Ruth Tabak Ungar . She lived with a physical disability for many years after having a stroke when she was in her early 40’s. I thought it was quite appropriate to do this run in her memory. She worked full time and drove with one hand for many years. She always had a smile on her face and never complained. Her glass was always half full , never half empty. It was her strong inner strength that lead her through her life with a great attitude and she achieved so much in spite of being disabled. I will try to take her positive attitude as a role model for my life to always do everything with a smile and to always persevere , like I will on this upcoming race and in life in general ! Please donate to Shalva !