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Devin Wylde's Donation Page!

Goal: 4000

Hello! My name is Devin Wylde, and I am raising money for a charity called Shalva. If I help Shalva receive enough donations, I will be partaking on a trip to Jerusalem, Israel, to run a race in order to raise even more money for this great charity!

What is Shalva?

Shalva, located in Israel, provides care to children with disabilities and their family members. They help thousands of children per week, from ages 0-21, free of charge. These kids learn to cope with their surroundings, interact and play a part in their community, and become better people all thanks to the amazing work that Shalva does. Shalva goes above and beyond to make their centre a home away from home and a great learning environment for the children, which is TRULY spectacular.

Why should I donate?

Donating to Shalva ensures that they can continue to provide complimentary support to disabled children and their families who are in need of help. As an added bonus, all donations are 100% tax deductible!

For more information about the amazing work that Shalva does, go to