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Goal: 3000
I plan to participate in the Jerusalem Marathon in support of the Shalva organization on March 15th BE"H.

Shalva is an organization that provides free care for children and adults with disabilities and their families. The warm and loving environment that one feels when entering Shalva is precisely what makes the organization so unique and special. All Israelis, no matter class or religion, are welcome at Shalva, where everyone is treated with the same love, care and respect. Not only does Shalva provide an atmosphere where people with disabilities can thrive, but it also takes a tremendous load off the families of the people with disabilities by handling their family members and supporting them because it is a difficult task to care for a person with special needs.

We all have to be grateful for what we have and realize how lucky we are. Shalva is an organization with many expenses and it does not charge people with disabilities and their families for using the Shalva facilities and programs. The organization relies on donations and I am asking you, my friends and family, to join me in supporting this very worthwhile cause.

For more information on the valuable work that Shalva does visit their website: http://www.shalva.org/new/

May we continue to have opportunities to be on the giving end of Tzedaka for years to come!