Ariella Bulman

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('נא הכניסו את סכום התרומה, ללא סימנים (דולר, ש"ח וכו
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Adele And Elliott Rabin
Way to go Ariella!
Anonymous Sponsor
kol kavod, Ariella.
The Maccabees
Go Ariella! We’re so proud of you!
Ada Maccabee
Kol Hakovod Ariella!
Luba Nakhutina
kol kavod!
Good luck!
Grandma Bulman
Hatzlacha, Ariella! I'm proud of you!
Harry Epstein
Anonymous Sponsor
Bonnie Geller-Geld And Isaac Geld
Hatzlacha Rabbah Ariella.
Michael & Carmiya Weinraub
So great that you're doing this, Ariella. Go, go, go!
Sarah Pollack
So proud of you, Ariella!
The Goldstein-Rosenfeld’s
You’re the best! Congrats for doing this.
Anonymous Sponsor
Go Ariella! We are so proud!
To my friend who is also faster than lightning and lives in a world full of wonder. You are amazing ;)
Abba & Julie Nof
A great cause. You make us proud!
Beth Feingold
Ariella - Five Chai for your run! Love, Fairy Godmother
Danny Frankel
Danny & Sally Frankel are proud of you, Ariella!
Dvora Hersh
Ariella,you go, girl!
Jonathan Madof
Hatzlacha Ariella!!!
Bubby Schwartzman
Good Luck, Ariella!
Ken P
You are an inspiration to us all; very proud of you.
Yaakov And Devorah Zacks
In memory of Dr. Richard Friedman
Neil Fleischmann
David Keesey
You rock!
Gaby & Ari Bastin
Dalia Caro
Wow Ariella! hatzlacha! So cute that you chose Shalva! I actually worked as an OT there when I lived in Israel and you are right it is a great place!
Anonymous Sponsor
Ha'olam bechesed yibaneh...and have simcha doing it
The Steinberg/Davis Family
Good luckm Ariella. We are rooting for you!
Tamar Kairy
What a great cause! Have a ton of fun!!
Shira Gordon
Go Ariella and SAR team! Wonderful organization.
Shani & David Schwartz
Kol hakavod Ariella!
Ellis And Leah Bloch
Way to go. Looking forward to seeing you here.
Anonymous Sponsor
great Ariella, what a good cause
Marisa And Josh Mahler
Team Shalva Bake Sale
Nancy Stern Scholem
Latav Dudley
Good Luck!
Building People
Yay Ariella! from your neighbors
Mommy And Daddy
Go Ariella!!!!! We are proud of you and love you!!!!!
Luba And David Teten
Way to go, Ariella!
Sarah Hayes
Go Ariella!
Minh Le
Great job Ariella!
Anat Coleman
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Welcome To My Donation Page

Goal: 2950
Welcome to my marathon sponsor page!

This March I will be running as part of Team Shalva in the Jerusalem Marathon!

The ideas behind Shalva really spoke to me and I am so excited to raise money for them. Shalva has been providing transformative care to children with disabilities and their family members in the most warm and loving environment for the past 28 years. The new state-of-the-art Shalva National Center opened in 2016 where they are now servicing literally thousands of children per week, free of charge.

Simply put, Shalva is an incredible place. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and cares for children from birth through 21 years. The staff is so loving and kind, to both the children and their families, and goes above and beyond to make the center a home away from home.

I am doing my part to support this amazing organization by running, and I need your help.

I'm running in memory one of my best friends Shaked Kessler z"l. She lived in Israel and I hope that taking part of this amazing program in Israel will connect me even more to her and her memory. I'll take care of the training, the achy feet and the finish line if you'll help me by donating to this worthy cause. All donations are 100% tax deductible, anything you can give would help me reach my goal, and together we'll be supporting this truly special place.

Thank you in advance for your help and generosity.