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Steve & Chaya Levitz $180
In honor of Yair
Yocheved ₪500
Go Benzy
Chesky Minkoff $50.00
For the best daddy in the world bentz may you continue to be a rock for yair!!
Eli Senderowicz $100
Good luck Bentzi! Rooting for you from NY
Saba & Savta Kleinman ₪1800
Mauricio Moas ₪720
Ariella And Avichail ₪600.00
הבן דוד הכי תותח!
Yossi @ Esti Wachtel ₪200
Good luck, you could do it!!
Shira Shevkes ₪200
Eli And Brachi ₪200
! לאבא הכי מדהים
Anonymous Sponsor ₪300
You're an inspiration to everyone! Keep it up!
Debbie And Peretz Dissen ₪120.00
Tsahi ₪213
Aryeh Berzon $50
Go Bentzy!
Nechemya Kaufman ₪50
Yakov & Nechama ₪300
Continue inspiring
Yisrael And Myra Levitz ₪3600
To Yair, Hashem's gift to our family and his outstanding parents Bentzy and Chedva
Reut Blaycher ₪50
u are the best!
Moses Schwartz $100.00
Reuven & Susan Levitz ₪3000
Thank you shalva for the amazing program you’ve given our grandson Yair! May you continue to provide love and care to this special community! Good luck Bentzy and all of team Yair’
Hamefakedet ₪300
Good luck Benzi! So proud of you, Hedva and Yair!!
Avi Fogel £15
Bentzi you have always been an inspiration to all around you, may you continue being an inspiration for everyone, especially Yair!!!
יהודה ורטנטייל ₪150
כל הכבוד בנצי!
Rafi And Shifra Goldmeier ₪180
in honor of Yair
Shimmy $360
Yehuda Rappaport ₪180
Keep running!
Sandy Waxman ₪180
In honor of Bentzy, Chedva and Yair- who run a marathon each and every day, with lots of love, Uncle Ari and Aunt Sandy
Reuven Chait ₪100
Yaffa & Avi Jacobson ₪360
Go Bentzy!!!! U guys R the BEST!!!
Susan Kleinman And Steve Wechsler $100
In honor of Yair -- and of all of you. Run, Bentzy, run!!!
Rivki Kleinman ₪54
In honor of Yair.
The Jacobs Family $180
In honor of Betzi, Chedva and Yair
יוני סלייטר ₪300
Bentzi, you are an outstanding father!!
Moshe Margolis £180
Team Agudah
Moishi Papa ₪100
Go Benzi go!!! You can do it. Good luck and may u see alot of naches of Yair!
Ariel Gold ₪200
Anonymous Sponsor $20
Bentzi you're a special boy. Will never forget all you did for me in my younger years. A role model and true inspiration. Despite our age gap, you showered me with love as though I was your closest friend. Wishing you immense happiness and strength throughout every step of the way. All my love :)
שמחה ה. ₪120
בנצי, הרבה שמחה ואושר כל החיים!!!
Shuli Ashkenzai ₪50
To Bentzi - Loads of Nachas! And continue on being the amazing father and person you are!
Jill Green & Roger Straun $100.00
Good luck Bentzi, we’re proud of you!
Grandma Joan Green $100.00
Bentzi I am very proud of the amazing father you have become to our wonderful Yair!
Leibush Meisels $54
Keep it up #Driver #AGUDA!!!