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Love the cause !
Phyllis Tzippy Ben-David ₪400
Kol Hakovod! Your contribution to this worthy cause is inspiring !
Leib Kelemen $180.00
Hatzlacha on your runs!
Gad Dishi ₪180
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Gidon And Miriam Shoshan ₪100
In honor of dear friends
Cohney Gang :) ₪180
In honor of the fantastic Himmelmans!
Aron And Tzivi (Alan And Paige) Nochenson ₪180
Anonymous Sponsor $180
Hazlacha raba on your runs!
Jason Himmelman $100
Have fun! Hope to see you all soon! Love, Jake and Mere
Ron Himmelman $100.00
We still all are running for Bunny as well.
Alan Rubin Rubin $180.00
Tuviah Berkowitz ₪180
Anonymous Sponsor $36
You should always be running for the good
Larry Kaufman $180.00
Long May You Run
Anonymous Sponsor $20
Naomi Kalfon ₪180
The Karlinskys ₪100
הוי רץ כצבי לעשות רצון אביך שבשמים
Abe And Adina Hershberg ₪72
The Kober Family $150
Wishing you much success! We miss you!
Sheri And Menachem Gross ₪360
יהודה בן תימא אומר, הוי עז כנמר, וקל כנשר, ורץ כצבי, וגבור כארי לעשות רצון אביך Have a great run
Daniel Shatsman-Turin $100
Kol hakavod
Harold Berman $75
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Aron Teitelbaum ₪250
Daniel Glass £20
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Run Himmelmans Run
Kyle Taylor $18
David Salisky ₪100
Kol Kavod Tzvi and B'Hatzlachah!
Sara & Laurence Richards $300.00