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The Raymans ₪100
In honor of our favorite niece and cousin!
Yossi And Ilana US $1800.00
A beautiful little girl and a wonderful family
Alicia Maron ₪120
Good luck Natalie, and enjoy your beautiful granddaughter
Nechama Gluck US $36
Good luck Natalie!!
Mendel Grinder US $50
Tzipora (Fredman) Ross US $36.00
In honor of Kayla Jacobs and her grandmother, Natalie Ives!
Devora Rochel US $50
Go Natalie❤️ May we merit to join you in Yerushalayim with Moshiach now!
Lucy And David Kurtzer-Ellenbogen US $100
Sheina & Joshy Gutnick US $18
Dalia Schwalb US $36
Go Nathalie !!!
Chana Sheva Deutsch US $36
Go Natalie, בהצלחה ❤
Esther And Mottel US $100.00
For beautiful Kayla Jacobs
Lauren & Brian Wiener ₪200
Go Natalie! Wishing Kayla Jacobs tremendous hatzlacha in all that she does.
Rita And Menachem Broner ₪360.00
Sending our love and good wishes
Hetty Harlow Melmed US $50.00
Way to go, Natalie!🎉
Jennifer And Ezra Pollak US $100
In loving support of Adina and Natalie!
Michele Harlow US $250.00
Hilary & Eric Rothman US $180
Good luck to you all!
Levi And Robin Aron US $36
Dovi And Raizy US $100.00
Gabriella & Chaim Isenberg US $100.00
Daphne US $180.00
Dalya Teller US $18.00
Anonymous Sponsor US $36.00
Eilat And Yariv Benaron US $180
Annie & Robert Ives & Family US $540
Shari & Elsa US $100.00
Good luck Natalie. We know you can do it!!!!
אלי והינדי לדרמן ₪360
Kol hakavod
Chani Marcus US $36
Vicky Kennard ₪180
Esther Althaus US $72
Vicki Herzog US $500
We are all cheering you on!
Peta And Pinchas US $36.00
In honor of Natalie and Kayla
Oren Smith ₪90
In honour of the most special family of strong, courageous and resilient woman I know. Kayla, you are very blessed
Cathy And Yankie Dinovitz US $100.00
We love you and are so proud of your beautiful family!l