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Taylor Glassar £10
Chaya £50
May the neshama of your grandfather have an Aliya לע״נ שמוא-ל בן מחלוף
Adam £50
In memory of your grandfather, Shmuel Ben Machluf, of blessed memory. May his neshama have an aliyah to the highest levels.
Caroline Bensoussan £300
Well done Samuel!
Anonymous Sponsor £626.23
Family Sebbag £50
Great initiative Samuel, and fantastic experience
Sariel Amouyal £500
In honour of Sam! You are an incredible friend and source of aspiration …
Les Zeitouni £50
Tres belle initiative Samuel. Go, go, go!
Stephen Levey £50.00
Good luck Shambles...very proud of you...
Anonymous Sponsor £26
In honour of your grandfather z’l
Leah Scemama £250