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Bubby Golda US $200.00
You go girl love you Bubby
Hyman Itzkowitz US $100.00
Donny Sigal Harry Celia And Charlie US $300
Tizku Lmitzvot!
Avi And Stacey Goldberg US $180.00
Run Ariella, Run!!!
Nash,Glen And Noah US $200
Let's Go Ariella!!!!
Rivky And Adam Orlow US $100
Run strong
Alissa Robinow US $108
Chani Traube And Marc Goldmann US $36
In honor of Ariella Gross -- Tizku L'Mitzvot!
Oliver, Ava, Ruby & Max Freund US $100.00
Ariella- we are so proud of you and this undertaking. Godspeed on your run!
Lowell Kass US $36
Effy & Leah US $500
So proud of you!! Keep up the good work kiddo!
Leah Leff US $18.00
Go Ariella! We are so proud of you. Love, Leah, Dina & Dovid
Sandy And Larry Gross US $180.00
Ariella, this is a worthy cause. You da best!
Anonymous Sponsor US $100.00
Barbara And Michael Berl US $50.00
Ariella, you have chosen such a worthy cause. Keep it up!
Eric & Donna Smith US $180
Run, Ariella, Run! Break a leg! (or maybe not in this case)
Marty And Susan Pasternak US $18.00
The Schreibers US $36
You go girl!
Zev, Lilah & Rafa US $180
Ruthie & Steve Sommer US $100.00
So proud of all you do! Ruthie & Steve Sommer
Susan And Jack Lerner US $100.00
In Honor of Ariella Gross
Chaim & Deborah Freund US $500
Batya Goldwaser And Gabe Schwartzman US $100
Good Luck! Proud of you!!
Bubby Marcie US $36
You go girl
The Kaynans US $100
So proud of you!
Tamar And Ezra Adler US $180.00
Way to go Ariella!