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Anonymous Sponsor CA $36
Wonderful effort.
Charles Meshwork CA $180.00
Mazel tov Marla What a truly wonderful cause
David Weisdorf CA $100
Good luck. Such a wonderful cause
Barbara Steinberg CA $36.00
So impressed you’re doing this! May the wind propel you forward!
Anonymous Sponsor CA $25.00
Debbie Spigelman CA $36
What a beautiful organization you are supporting!
Donna Stonehouse CA $200.00
Such a worthy cause, Marla !
Anonymous Sponsor CA $20
Way to go Marla with a Y
Gail Goodman CA $100
Go Marla!!
Marla - Way to go! I am very proud of you and happy to support you!
Shawna Meshwork CA $54
How Wonderful Marla!! Wishing you the best trip and Marathon for this AMAZING organization.
Elise Cohen CA $360
Good luck!! You can do it. Such a beautiful organization!
Richard Cohen CA $180
Good luck Marla
Nanette CA $54.00
Marla we are so proud of you!!!
Terri Sugar Keyfitz CA $100.00
A great activity for a great cause. Enjoy!
Vierka CA $36.00
Good luck!!
Stefanie Todoroff CA $100
Great cause - and such an accomplishment! Make sure to send pictures
Donna Goldenberg CA $250.00
You go girl! Wish I could be there too.
Baskin Wealth Management CA $180.00
Tung Huan Yu CA $200
Anonymous Sponsor CA $40
good luck!
Marlee CA $18.00
Go Marla Go!
Sharon Edwards CA $36.00
Good luck Marla.....You go girl!!!!!!
Manuela Deangelis CA $100
Good luck Marla!!!! Way to go!!!
Joi Cole CA $36.00
Risa Goldenberg Wexler CA $100
Eliud Kipchoge CA $100
Marla Hertzman CA $36
Go Marla!
Cindy Pearlstein CA $25.00
Good Luck❤️
Davin Young CA $100.00
So proud of you!
Howard Bernstein CA $180.00
A great & ambitious goal - best of luck.
Leibel Schaya CA $180
For the best client! You're an inspiration!
Anonymous Sponsor CA $120
you go girl
Martin And Gail Bergman CA $250
Michael Wortsman CA $118
Good luck!
George CA $100.00
Good luck
Hyla Benson CA $72.00
Kol Hakavod to you!
Shosh CA $36.00
Good luck!!!
Sharon Goldfinger CA $36.00
Dear Marla, I make this donation on the Yartzeit of my Father Dovid Silverman ben Efraim. May you go from strength to strength with Hashem's blessing.
Susan Young CA $50.00
Hi Marla go!
Carla Beker CA $100.00
Good luck!! Wish I was joining you!
Cindy Dennis CA $36.00
Wishing you the best of luck!
Anonymous Sponsor CA $50.00
Judith Berman CA $108.00
You are an inspiration, good luck!
Rob And Debbie Conway CA $100.00
Go Marla Go !! Have a great time
Elsa Lamoglie CA $20
go Marla go
Anonymous Sponsor CA $36
Myrna Lass CA $100.00
Good Luck Marla
Ronald & Wendy Melvin CA $118.00
Debbie Landesberg CA $36
Brian And Sandi Altman CA $72.00
Yasher Koach Marla!
Jack & Harriet Feintuch CA $1000
Good Luck
Shonna And Douglas Ross CA $36
Thank you for everything you do for Nashay Orah
Aviv Jay CA $54.00
Go Marla Go ❤️
Anonymous Sponsor CA $36.00
Good Luck!!
Shayla Young CA $200
Way to go mom!
Dainis CA $100
Glad that you are able to do this once again.
Alison & Edgar CA $1000
Gayl Swartz CA $54.00
Such a great cause! Good luck, Marla!
Jon And Ellise Gasner CA $100
Such a wonderful organization to support! Have a great run!
Monica Halberstadt CPA Prof Corp CA $100
So proud of you!
Elena Polyak-Duke CA $18.00
Way to go Marla!! Great cause!! Xoxo
Brian & Heidi Meirovich CA $72.00
So proud of you for your participation in this, Marla! You rock in everything you do! Have a wonderful trip! xoxox
Yin Lynn Low CA $100
Cheryl Buzaglo CA $72.00
Great cause. You are amazing!
Arlene And Michael Gladstone CA $100.00
Way to go Marla
Miriam And Mati CA $54.00
Sandra Otis CA $200.00
So proud of you Marla, Your amazing,
Baskin Wealth Management CA $180.00
Anonymous Sponsor CA $36
Shelley Goldkind Fine CA $36.00
You are a force x0
Judi Switzer CA $100
Noa, Emmy, Asher And Layla CA $72.00
Go bubby go! We're so proud of you.
Ryla Snider CA $36.00
Have fun supporting a great cause. Go Marla!
Joanne And Jeff Perlmutter CA $118.00
Way to go Marla!
Debbie Baum CA $100.00
All the best !
Brenda & Brian Lass CA $136.00
Go Marla Go!
Miriam Bloch CA $36.00
Good Luck💥
Lori Goldenberg CA $54.00
Best of Luck, So proud of you!
Adrienne Moldaver CA $36.00
Good luck be careful, keep safe.
The Nusbaums CA $180.00
Go, Marla!!! We are so happy to support this amazing organisation.
Michele Sassoon CA $36.
Marla you are a real trooper
The Wolfstadt Family CA $100
Way to Go!