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Anonymous Sponsor US $540.00
Let’s go Amanda!!! We love you!!!
Sharon Nessel US $36
Your grandmother was very special. She would be proud ❤️
Barbara Silberman US $180
So Proud of You!!!
Anonymous Sponsor US $100
Way to go Amanda! This is so very special..just like you!
‘Aunt’ Donna US $360
So proud of you Amanda!
The Goldwyns US $360
Go Amanda! We love you!
Jarashow Family US $250
Anonymous Sponsor US $180
Cheski Pfeffer US $54
Amy And Daniel Kratka And Family US $118.00
Tizku lmitzvot. We love you.
Carla Levine US $100
In memory of beloved Carolyn
Allison Levy US $180.00
In memory of your beautiful Grandma. She would be so proud of you.
The Dunne Family US $100.00
I’m loving memory of Auntie Carolyn.
Rina And Allan Schwartz US $36.00
Good luck Amanda!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
David Jarashow And Cooper The Dog US $180
In memory of Chaya bat Avraham Yitzchak
Anonymous Sponsor US $108.00
Go Amanda! I am so so proud of you! Woo!!
Zack Ehrenhaus US $36.00
In honor of Bobbah
Liz And Steven Kratka US $360
Lisa Blitstein US $118.00
Go Amanda! Your Grandma would be so proud of you!
Atara & David, Alex&Sam Berkowitz US $180.0
Go Amanda!
Rebecca Jarashow US $100.00
In memory of Carolyn Jarashow
Isie & Davina US $118
So very proud of you
Rachelle And Neal Neumann US $18
In honor of Amanda and in memory of your grandmother
Deena And Daniel Jarashow And Family US $180
In memory of our special Aunt Carolynn. Proud to be on team Amanda!
Elayne Smith US $100.00
Zev Jarashow US $72
In memory of aunt Carolynn!