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Nicole And Shimmy US $180
Keep it up!! Lets gooooo!
ABBA US $180
Uncle Gav And Malks US $36
Go for the gold baby!
Ali Lenefsky US $18.00
Go eliana!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Rachel And Shragi Portal US $180
Eliana we are so proud of u!!
Sherry Garber US $18
So proud of you!!!❤️❤️
Yonatan & Raina US $180.00
We’re so proud that you’re running for such a great cause!
Ben And Chavie Pheibush US $18
Michelle & Joel Boruchow US $100
Very proud of you!
Ben PortAl US $36
Go Eliana!
Judy Fishman US $72.00
Good Luck!
Randi, Dan, Remy, & Eden US $180
Go Eliana!! We love you!!
Arielle Katz US $18
So proud!!
Elyana Miller US $20
So proud of u💓💓
Anonymous Sponsor US $2.00
Sarah Farkas US $18.00
Rebecca Alenick US $180
Good luck Eliana!
Atara Guttman US $5.00
i love u
Liat US $36
Uncle Yossi US $50
Yona Berger US $50.00
Gabriel Orner US $180
Run Eliana Run!!! Love mindy gabi and cajaleo
Anonymous Sponsor US $25
Anonymous Sponsor US $1
Akiva Shemesh US $10
Karen And David US $100
Tizku Lmitzvot Eliana!
Anonymous Sponsor US $18
Jeremy Greenberg US $2.00
Ruven & Aliza Ellberger US $118
Good luck on the run and kol hakavod for your summer work with Shalva!
Anonymous Sponsor US $2
Chanie And Alan Greif US $180
So proud of you ELIANA
Anonymous Sponsor US $5
Sheryl & Aaron Liberman US $180.00
Awesome Eliana! We are proud of you!
Emma Summers US $18
Good luck❤️❤️
Helene & Steven Myers US $100
Go Eliana!!❤️
Debbie And David Weintraub US $50.00
Go Eliana!
Aunt Chavie US $18.00
Good luck Eliana!
Anonymous Sponsor US $2
M&M Butler US $54.00
Great Going
Sam Myers US $18.00
Traube Family US $36
Ya’asher koach!
Ashley And Moshe Hammer US $180
What a great cause and organization! Good luck on the run!
Esther And Joel Bock US $36.00
Michelle And David Marciano US $50
Rivka Kolodny US $54
Good luck Eliana! Hope you smash it! Send regards to Doda Yaffa. 😄
Bubby And Zaidie Koren US $360
Mazel tov!! We love you
Chayala Weiss US $26