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Dara Levy US $10
Anonymous Sponsor US $100
Ethan Jach US $5
Go Atara!!! Making the Iowa gang proud
Rachee Ganchrow US $10.00
So proud of my daughter
Steve Siesser US $100.00
Run hard Run fast
Shayna Warum US $18.00
Michael Sperber US $18.00
Keep on running, Atara!
Hillel Goldstein US $50
Yakira Mermelstein US $18
Elisheva Mirwis US $30
So proud of you Atara!!!! Love you💚 you are gonna kill it!
Ali Lenefsky US $18.00
Yayyy Atara you got this!!
Kayla Mandel US $5
Courtney Lopchinsky US $50.00
So happy to support you on such a great cause! Good luck!!
Chana Bin-Nun US $18.00
YAYY go Atara!!
Saba And Safta US $100
good luck atara! We love you.
Anonymous Sponsor US $54.00
Gabe And Laura Ruben US $50.00
Good luck on the run!
Jeff And Shoshana Berenholz US $100
Good luck Atara!
Joshua Sperber US $18
Your Favorite, Booboo! US $100.00
Go, Atara, run slow and steady!
Elana & Seth Perlmutter US $100.00
Papa And Grandma Phyllis US $100
Orly Stern US $40
You got this!!!
Nancy & David Perlmutter US $50.00
Have a great run!!
Adina Brandstatter US $18
Pam And Ray Newman US $54
Go Atara-- amazing that you are doing this!
Anonymous Sponsor US $100
Josh And Becky Weisberg US $50.00
Anonymous Sponsor US $200
Go atara you got this!! 😘
Etan Mirwis US $50
Jordy US $10
Anonymous Sponsor US $50
Tova Brody US $100.00
Good luck, Atara!
Yaakov & Dina Brody US $100
Lots of Luck!
Abby And Aaron Brody US $20
Nava And Steven Appelbaum US $26
Way to go!!
Greg And Ilana Dallas US $36.00
Great job Atara!
David Siesser US $25
Mazel tov on your bat mitzvah
Leah Goldstein US $15
Sophia Lewis US $15
Judah And Carolyn Kaplan And Family US $18
Anonymous Sponsor US $30
Ayala Katz US $10
So proud love u!!!
Elanna Reiss US $15.00
In honor of Atara Siesser
The Friedman Fam US $67
Go Atara, go
Shana And Daniel Siesser US $54.00
Ariana Eisenman US $17
Anonymous Sponsor US $65
Lisa Friedman US $45
Elisheva And Ariel Jasie US $36
Kramarz Family US $54
Abby Beer US $17
Mendelson Family US $54.00
Such a great cause. Kol HaKavod, Atara!
Yoni Kaplan US $18
Jennifer & Steven Horwitz US $36.00
Good luck Atara!!!
Saba And Safta US $30
Elie And Lili Gold US $30.00
Sophia Lewis US $30
Rivky And Dovid Brody US $18
Yosi Gold US $5
Mattis Coment US $100
Tante Audrey US $125.00
Run with passion for a great cause!
Lori Schwartz US $18
Leah Goldstein US $30.00
So proud that you are my daughters closest friend
Anonymous Sponsor US $50
Esta And Harold Luber US $54
Yasher Koach Atara!!! Good luck and keep doing great things!
Lori & Dan Hirsch US $36.00
The Kurtz Family US $54
Good luck!
Seth & Vivi US $54
Go Atara!!!!
Uncle Moshe And Aunt Faige US $26
We are proud of this activity much success
Elana Sichel US $54.00
Good Luck! You got this! Tizku Lemitzvot!
Elana & Seth Perlmutter US $30
Congrats Atara, Good Luck!
Susan Siesser US $89.00
Goal is reached! Hurray!