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Shimmie Horn US $360
Jen And Erik Schetina US $180
Rina & Nahum Felman US $360
Abraham Cohen US $180
Chaim And Suri Kahn US $500
wonderful organization and endeavor.
Samuel L Katz US $500.00
Annie And Yale Baron US $250
Dov And Naomi Greenblatt US $150.00
Great job Yehuda! Keep up the great work for this important organization.
Tammi & Bennett Schachter US $150.00
Having seen you training, we have no doubt you will have a great run. We are so proud to see you direct your strengths towards causes as amazing as Shalva!
Robyn And Shukie Grossman US $250
Go Yehuda!
Yosef And Erica Fox US $150
Go Yehuda!
Mommy And Abba US $500
So proud of you! Keep on using your talents for avodas Hashem.
Savta US $200
Yehuda--very proud of you!
Deborah & David Kahn US $180.00