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Talia Gade US $18
Kap US $36
Hannah Gewirtz US $18
so proud of you!!!!
Adam Westreich US $180
So proud of you dalia come visit more often
Shani And Dovid Tzvi Jacobs US $1000
Dalia, this donation in recognition of the wonderful work Shalva does and your enthusiastic support for the organization! Also, we can’t wait to see you actually attempt to run a 10K 😜
Anonymous Sponsor US $18
Anonymous Sponsor US $18
Anonymous Sponsor US $18.00
Eric Rosenstock US $100
Goldie And Moshe Dov US $100.00
Dalia 10k, you better give your car keys back to train
Tzvi Birnbaum US $180
Kol Hakavod
Shaye Stern US $360
In honor of the the Jewish people’s biggest talent
Beracha US $180
kol hakovod ! Best of luck!
Yisrael And Shani Zwick US $54
Batsheva And Shaul Katz US $250
Keep making us proud Dalia!
Such And Rachelle Hornung US $180
Yehuda And Esty Herskowitz US $360.00
Best of luck!
Toby & Uri Jacobs US $360
Good Luck Dalia!!
Chaim & Livia Jacobs US $500.00
Dalia, your grandparents are so proud of your accomplishments. Yo have always given us much nachas. May continue to be a source of inspiration to your family, friends and klal yisroel. Love, Zaidy and Ema Leebo Jacobs
Anonymous Sponsor US $280.00
Babby Ruchi & Zeidy Yossi Stern US $500.00
Dalia we are so very proud of you and your commitment to Shalva. Good luck, Behatzlacha