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Millie Weinberger US $50
Tatiana Lichtenstein US $180
Bucksteins US $100
Andrew Lichtenstein US $222
Dear Aaron, I'm very proud of you! Have a great, successful run and trip to Israel.
Gabriel And Frances Gozland US $100
Yasher Koach Aaron on your efforts on behalf of Shalva.
Mitchel Herstic US $100
Audrey US $50.00
Kol hakavod Aaron!
Netanel Cohen US $50
Wayne Wasserman US $108.00
To the son of my life long friend: Best wishes on your run
Elan And Gloria Kugel US $100.00
Aaron. We are so proud of you.
Jonathan And Aimee Baron US $180
Anonymous Sponsor US $25
Thank you BORIS BABAKHANOV for your donation :)
Tal Boneh ₪18
Go Aaron, go!
Joel Ciment US $180
Keep up the good work
William Simon US $54.00
Blimi Farkas US $100
Go Aaron!
Abuelita Miri US $150
Max Kaufman US $360
Janine & David Sherr US $100.00
Best of luck to you, Aaron! You are running for amazing cause!
Dovid Zeiler US $1.00
nom nom ❤️❤️
Liraz Spear US $50
Dr. Adler US $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor US $180
Jorge Slachevsky US $200
I hope that you may have a good run in the Jerusalem marathon
Yehudit Lichtenstein US $36
David Zemble US $36
Steve And Zeldy Rapp US $54
Arron Lichtenstein
Sharon Salamon US $75.00
Go Aaron!
Windrose Title US $100
The Wachsmans US $36.00
Incredible goal!
Rebeca Kiguel US $50.00
In honor of Jacobo Kiguel
Eli Lichtenstein US $36
Hi Aaron
Aaron Lichtenstein US $30.66
You got this!
Yosef And Elisheva Malkah Veltman US $54.00
Yasher Koach! Amazing!!Wishing a successful run!
Vlad/Germany US $50
good luck for the good cause