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Debbie Farazmand US $100.00
So proud of you! Thanks for letting me join in the mitzvah
Joshua Yaghoubzadeh US $126.00
Proud of you!
Anonymous Sponsor US $260
So proud such a big mitzvah
Benhaghnazar’s ❤️ US $120.00
So proud of you!!
Josh Farazmand US $126
Love you Symone. So proud of you helping others!!
Tiffany Wasserman US $54.00
Benjamin Haimoff US $126
Isaac Arasteh US $256
Tizke le’misvot
Vanessa Tamari US $36
Have a great time!!
Ilona Trokel US $90
Proud of you!!
Joshua Golan US $180
Mark Martov US $360.00
Moshe Lipschitz US $180
In honor of your dad! Keep on doing good deeds!
Tali Berzak US $500
Good luck!!
Jasmin Hai US $18
Matthew Matatof US $180
Traci Gilardi US $54
Symone I’m so proud of you for doing this ! Miss you ❤️
Anonymous Sponsor US $126.00
Hilda Javidnia US $50
Good luck symone!! Such a great cause!!
Melinda And David Jankelovits US $54
Good luck!