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Lume US $18.00
Go Ryan! Brandon and I are so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished
Brandon Zuckerman US $100
Happy 8th night of Chanukah! All that work in the gym bro better pay off!
Sheila Wiener US $100
Good luck!
GN Zucks US $250.00
Go Ryan!! The GN Zucks are proud of you. Keep climbing!!!
Erica, TJ , Sophie Alex And Molly US $250
Amazing job Ryan!
Jared &Julie Zelin US $50
Sheila & David Cohen US $250
Mazel tov Ryan we know you’ll leave them in the dust. We are so proud of you Mima & Pupa
Robin Feinerman US $100.00
How exciting to be running in Jerusalem. Enjoy the experience xoxAunt Robin
Rz US $150
Great Neck Feinermans US $100.00
Very proud of you Ryan
The Zucker Family US $36.00
Thank you for supporting a great organization!
Proud Grandparents- Steve & Shellie Zuckerman US $250.00
We are very proud of all your accomplishments including this amazing commitment to Shalva.
Anonymous Sponsor US $450
Shlava is a wonderful organization
Avi Naider US $180
Brett And Robin Zuckerman US $1200
Ryan- We are so proud of you always. Have an amazing and meaningful time.