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Slava Bosin US $36
Good luck
Judy And Avrumy Safrin US $100
Good luck!
Beatie Deutsch's Father US $72
Yehuda Isseroff US $720
You can do it!!
Nahum Felman US $500
Can't wait to see the Purim costume!
Aaron Ross US $36
Yosi And Lisa Fishkin US $100
Ilana & Moshe Wertenteil US $180.00
We are proud of you!!!
Anonymous Sponsor US $72.00
The Yagers US $100
Keep up the good work!
Aaron & Blima Strobel US $72
Joseph Kor US $36
Bruchie & Moshe Goldstein US $100.
Judy And Ari Levitan US $100.00
Good Luck!
Larry & Sherry Milstein US $100
Run Saul Run!
Betty And Mickey Aboff US $50.00
Good luck Saul!
Russell Sandman US $72
Beautiful cause! Wishing you a wonderful race!!
Elie Y Katz US $100.00
Yechiel And Nomi Rotblat US $180.00
go team!
Shira And Yudi Teichman US $100
Tzvi S ₪360
Good luck!! Looking forward to seeing you at the run!
Jerry And Zev US $500
Very proud of you! Kol Hakavod
Robert Richter DDS US $52.00
In honor of Mrs Judith Richter A"H
Binyamin And Aliza Goldstein US $100.00
Elliot Shelby US $101.00
In honor of Saul Lejtman
Fayge And Gedaliah ₪1000
Go Saul, go!!!
Anonymous Sponsor US $54
Oran Pachter US $500
Awesome Job! 👏👌💪
Pnina And Shimmy Kanarek US $100
Ruthie Yudin ₪180
absolutely amazing!
Way to go, Saul! The Kirshners
Daniel And Tovah Reich US $180.00
Mark Eisen US $72
Hillel Goldstein US $100
Yitzy Goldberg US $36
Seth And Sho Poloner US $72.00
Go Saul go!
Emanuel And Helen Adler US $50
Go Saul Go
Jonathan Speiser US $36.00
Michael Daniel - DC Dental US $180
Run, Dr. Saul, Run!
Robin & Rafi Bin-Nun US $72
Anonymous Sponsor ₪180
Maren And Robbie Scharf US $100
Larry Farkas US $180
Marathon tip- walk up the hills, Run down the hills
Doron Ringler US $72
Have a great race!
Yitzchok And Sharon Motechin US $360
Anonymous Sponsor US $54.00
Jack Ayalon US $50.00
Emilia Basseches US $36.00
Michael Lewis US $180
Sam &Leah Levi US $18.00
Miriam And Leon Schenker US $180.00
Glenn Pfeiffer US $180
Mark D Simpson US $100
Good Luck!
Nechie & Heshie Schulhof US $100
Good Luck!
Aryeh And Danya Stechler US $36
Yasher Koach Dr. Lejtman!
Yitz And Gilla Stern US $100.
Go, Saul, go!
Azi Mandel US $360
Adina Wiener US $50.00
Run saul run!
Gabriel Strauss US $100
Larry Kossove US $180
Run Saul Run
Hannah And Elchanan Dulitz US $100.00
MAzel and Bracha
Rachel And Aaron Kopstick US $100
Good luck! Let's get you on a bike after this!
Ari & Dassie Fuchs US $100
Run Saul, Run!!
Markel Family US $100.00
Good Luck!!
Anonymous Sponsor US $36
Bruce Feder US $54
Go Saul. Yashar Koach
Yehuda & Shira Isenberg US $100
Sarah And Steven Rand US $54
Donald J Trump US $180.00
Run Saul Run, this is HUGE
Aaron M Cohen US $100.00
Ari Cohen in honor of Dr. Saul
Reuven And Leah Escott US $72
Hatzlacha on your run!
Avi And Deniera Goldenberg US $50.00
Karen Reisner US $50
Good Luck Saul!!
Aviva And Yitzy Jacobowitz US $250.00
Go Saul! Proud to be your cousin!
Anonymous Sponsor US $180
David Machlis US $36
Tova And David Cooper US $100
Kol Hakavod Saul!
Miriam & Allen Pfeiffer US $500.00
Cindy And Danny Mann US $180
Sara Leah & Nachum Barishansky US $180.00
Run, Saul, Run!
Anonymous Sponsor US $36
Kol Hakavod!
Ronald Strobel US $180
Next it's Kiliminjaro
Suzanne And David Prince US $100.00
Evelyn Stein US $200.00
Jodi & Jonathan Schmeltz US $100.00
Go Saul Lejtman
Daniel Sheinbein US $50.00
The Novogrodsky Family US $72.00
good luck Saul ! such a wonderful cause
Yosi And Lisa Fishkin US $100
Dr. Sharon Knoll US $72.00
Yasher Koach on this amazing accomplishment!
David Markowitz US $160
Jordana Gross US $18.00
Amy And Harry Rothenberg US $180.00
In honor of Saul Lejtman
David Kreinberg US $100
Sarah And Corey Tarzik US $100
Jeffrey Rosenfeld US $180
Dan Rubinoff US $100
Yehuda Burns US $100
Pnina And Jason Suss US $100.00
Karen And David Wagner US $180.00
Annie And Yale BAron US $250
Adina & David Lederer US $36.00
Sammy And Shira Moer US $36.00
Shlishi is yours when you come back
Anonymous Sponsor US $180.00
David Mechlin US $360
Roy Spiewak US $180.00
Good luck!
Aviva And Menachem Lipner US $100
Chani Moss US $100.00
Enjoy hanging with Daniella!
Sherry & Jonathan Lewin US $250.00
Anonymous Sponsor US $100.00
Leah And Itzy Silver US $180
Wave "hi" as you pass us :)
Anonymous Sponsor US $54.00
Mindy & Eddie Goldberg US $100.00
Good luck!
Leah & Philip Kazlow US $300.00
France And Nicolas Weill US $100
Good luck Saul
Isaac And Talia Dayan US $36
Danny & Dassah Kestenbaum US $150
Happy to share in the mitzvah-doings of a great friend !
The Jaffes US $36
Go Saul!
Josh And Chaya Spierer US $360
In honor of Saul’s chesed and generosity to our family and klal yisrael
Jill And Mark Rosalimsky US $36
Miriam & Moshe Borvick US $36
Thank you for your commitment to the Jewish people! You inspire us!
Eva And Mordy Rothberg US $360
Miriam And Ezra Lightman US $100
Go Saul! Hatzlacha and Enjoy!
Anonymous Sponsor US $54.00
Anonymous Sponsor US $18
Shani And Bruce Tager US $180.00
Victor Lejtman US $120.00
Run, bro, Run. Good Luck.
DLH Foundation Inc US $1000.00
Saul Lejtman US $500.00
Karen & Yaakov Beilin US $180.00
Yechiel & Nomi US $360.00