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Greta & Jay Ringel US $180.00
Jennifer Jaffe US $36
David Makabi US $26
Good luck!!!
Adam/Sheerly US $36
Good luck, crush it! We are proud of you
Barbara Ringel US $72.00
Andrew Cohen US $52
Good Job Sophie! Love you.
Maytal & The Abehsera’s US $180.00
Amazing Job Sophie!!!
Max Baker US $1.0
Joseph Levi US $10
Evan Ringel US $54.00
So proud of you, Soph! Love you!
Anthony Cohen US $52
From Anthony & Lianne Cohen
Anonymous Sponsor US $10
Leora Blechner US $10
Michael Amanda Yakubov US $101
World needs more people like you
Anonymous Sponsor US $180.00
May your efforts make a huge difference in the lives of others.
The Croog Family US $118
Yasher Koach, Soph!!!
The Goldfein Family US $180
So inspiring. Go Sophie!
Abraham Hakimi US $360
Michelle And Robbie Zellner US $180
David And Meira Werblowsky US $50
The Jerome’s US $180
Great job Sophie!
Yael & Cory Baker US $180.00
Kol hakavod Sophie! Good luck!
Uncle George US $54
The Itskowitch Family US $36
Way to go Sophie!
Daniele And Daniel Cohen US $180
We’re so proud of you!
Rita Roffe US $72.00
So proud of you!!
Siegel Family US $100
Kol halavod, Sophie!!
Abby And Ari Glass US $72
Good Luck Sophie!
Tamar And Yehudah Buchweitz US $180
Go Sophie! What an inspiring commitment to make!
Mann Family US $180
Hakimi Family US $180.00
Atara And Benji US $108
Go Sophie!
Joel Adler US $50.00
The Peisters US $36.00
YALA! Run like the wind!
Larios Family US $54
Dassi And Meir Lewis US $180
Avi, Elana, Gabi, Sara & Sammy Spira US $100
Haley & Joe Toledano US $180.00
Go Sophie! So proud of you
Michelle & Gerald Cohen US $500.00
Anonymous Sponsor US $180
Elizabeth & Dan Levy US $100
Douglas Family US $180.00
Go Sophie!