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Sassyana US $100
Run like mbappe
Dani & Jonny £180
Very proud of you x
Anonymous Sponsor £200
Anonymous Sponsor £100
Natan £100
Proud of you! I’ll be rooting for you…
Tal Yadid £20
Anonymous Sponsor £21
Run like a tiger 🐅
Debbie And Martyn Slyper £100.00
so proud of you Josh you lots xxxxx
Natalia Crocker £15.00
Cheetah 🐆
David Tapnack £180
The Hamilton’s £80.00
Amazing! Good luck…x
Mickey & Minnie £108
In honour of Mickey & Minnie’s anniversary!
The Rubacks £50
Good luck Josh!
K’s £50
Well done Josh
Deborah & Geebs And Family £100
Go, Josh Go!!
Hilton Tapnack ₪54
Good luck Josh
Tudin Family US $180.00
Amazing!! Good luck xox
Go Josh!! £50
Anonymous Sponsor £26.00
Good luck
Natalie & Shlomo ₪180
Good luck!!
Bev Tapnack £50
Good luck Josh
Ora & Ari £50.00
Good luck Josh!
Aron Barsam £30
Well done, Josh
SpecialK £26.00
Forty six thousand one hundred and forty five meters!
Gemma, Jez And Gang £40
Very proud of you Josh! Good Luck for the big race!
Anonymous Sponsor £25
Shai Benyamini £20
Anonymous Sponsor £1
good luck cow
Anonymous Sponsor £50
Anonymous Sponsor £50
Anonymous Sponsor £54
Massive achievement! Well done