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Mom And Dad US $360
Good Luck Sarah! We are proud if you to embark on this challenge.
Samuel Miner US $18
Grandma And Grandpa US $360
We are very proud of your commitment to Shalva.
Anonymous Sponsor US $180
Aunt Sharon US $360.00
It’s wonderful that you are supporting such a derserving organization
Aunt Gail US $360
As always, so proud of you!
Anonymous Sponsor US $360
Bracha hatzlacha on ur upcoming run & trip!
Grandma Nina US $180.00
Go Sarah go! May u always continue to help others!
Aunt Melanie And Uncle Andrew US $200
Goooooo Sarah! We love you and we’re always so proud of you!
Sophie Kule US $180
Have an amazing time!! Hope to see you here soon. Behatzlaha and Kol Hakavod
Ami Reines US $180.00
Way to go Sarah!!
Grandma Nina US $126.00
a little extra is always good! xoxox
Anonymous Sponsor US $362.00
Mazal Tov Sarah! Be strong & enjoy!
Anonymous Sponsor US $100
Ray Leventhal US $70.00
Joia & Joshua Kazam US $360.00
Have a good race, good luck and continue doing good things for others!