All Donors

Melanie Black CA $150.00
Aaron Black CA $200.00
Marlene And Ian Rattner CA $360.00
Thank you for introducing Shalva to Uncle Ian and Aunt Miss. Have a wonderful successful 10k run as you bring awareness to this charity. Safe and enjoyable trip.
Michael & Donna CA $180.00
Wishing you a Yasher Koach on this important charity
Bubby CA $360
I am so proud of my "mensh" of a grandson. G-d bless you.
Nicky, Jord, Emmy & Harry Black CA $180
Shkoyach on supporting this terrific organization and best of luck with the run!
Jaret Moldaver CA $360.00
Run on Adam! Shalva is a special cause.
Shelley And Charlie Hodgkinson CA $180.00
Go Adam! May the wind be at your back
Daniel And Shannon CA $180
Way to go Adam! Good luck!
Philip, Shira, Arly And Estee Black CA $180.00
Your Mitzvah is creating wonderful experiences for children at Shalva. Kol Hakavod!
Michael And Melanie Polowin CA $180
Yasher Koach Adam! Love to your whole family!
Joel Moldaver CA $400.00
Dad & Mom CA $360.00
We are very proud of you, Adam, on undertaking this challenge in support of a very worthy cause. We wish you much strength and success, and hope that the trip will be a healthy and enjoyable one.
Ellie, Marty, Andréa, Ashley, Daniel And Jake CA $180.00
Aunt Bev, we are so proud of your "mensh" of a grandson, too!!
Auntie Tammy And Uncle Claude CA $180