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Kilberry CA $1000
Way to go Lauren!
Caroline And Robert Kurtz CA $100
Way to go Lauren! You are supporting an amazing organization.
Sherry Adud Adud CA $50.00
Duffy/Presser Family CA $100.00
We are proud of you for supporting such an important cause, Lauren!
Gail And Joe Forberg CA $1000.00
We are very proud of you. This is an amazing cause
Esther & Albert Michaels CA $180.00
Kohl Hakvod
Elliott And Simone Levine CA $180
Jason & Alyssa Berenstein CA $180.00
Great initiative Lauren! Best of luck.
The Taub Handelman Family CA $75.00
Congrats, Lauren! What a great cause you are supporting! Best of luck with the training and running!
Katherine Alexander CA $100
Aunty Nancy And Uncle Kevin CA $180
Way to go Lo! Proud of you! xoxo
Jeffrey Michaels CA $50
Good Luck!!
Jason & Jodi Michaels CA $50.00
Congratulations Lauren! Great cause!
Kelly And Warren Bongard’ CA $75.00
Good luck
Vic And Sharon Moncarz CA $118.00
Happy to support you for this very worthy event! Much love, Uncle Vic and Auntie Sharon
Kenny And Kohle Handelman CA $100
Very proud of you. Have a great run!
Anonymous Sponsor CA $118
Dara And Drew Moncarz CA $72
A. Chawla CA $75
Such a worthy cause. Ishaan and Ella wish you luck.
Sharyn And Tony Lewis CA $36.00
Great endeavour Lauren, for a special cause. Good for you! Your efforts will help so many others.
Bubbie Elaine And Zaidie Allan CA $500.00
So proud of your efforts for this worthy cause!
Jillian Rosenberg CA $75.00
Congratulations Lauren! What a great cause!