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Peter Tanenbaum CA $180
Helen Shneer CA $180.00
Lilly, this is such a wonderful cause and we are very happy to support you. Our family has been involved with Shalva for several years. Good luck on the run!
Alysse Fogel CA $180.00
Leslie Aaron CA $100
Anonymous Sponsor CA $54
Stan Samole CA $72.00
Mike Fegelman CA $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor CA $18
Avi Pesachov CA $126
Way to go Lilly!!!
Daniel Freiheit CA $72
From Strength to Strength, amazing work.
Benjamin Sigler CA $72.00
Pearl And Jerry Bloom CA $180
Such a wonderful cause. Happy to help!
Allen And Janet Werger CA $100.00
Jeff Train & Howard Presley CA $180
Linda Schwartz CA $118.00
Good luck !
Stacey Mendelson CA $36.00
Best of luck Lil!!
Jack Train CA $180
Auntie Sheila US $180
Marielle Netkin US $136
Anonymous Sponsor CA $118
Chanan Gans US $18
Bernie And Elise Gropper CA $100
Miriam Jacobson CA $36.00
Yasher Koach Lilly
Barbara & Marty Svsersky CA $180.00
Good luck, very proud of you.
Elaine Bloomberg CA $100.00
Good Luck Lily
Andrea Hecht CA $36.00
Way to go, Lilly!
Jennifer Walsh CA $72
Eric Riz CA $100
Best of luck. Leave the AJ's at home!
Todd And Cathy Beallor CA $100
Go Lilly!
Lauren Train CA $179.14
Jodi And Paul Mandel CA $118
Mazel Tov Lilly! What a wonderful cause!