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Anonymous Sponsor CA $36
Annie Kadoch CA $150
In honor of Rachel Mizrahi, so proud of you love your tita annie
Julia Aksmanov CA $50
Very proud of you Rachel!!!
Miriam Kadoch CA $100.00
Very proud of you Rachel!!!
Tabak Family CA $54
Rachel, you are the best!! We love you!!
Anonymous Sponsor CA $250
Way to go!
M & J Azulay Family CA $100
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Anonymous Sponsor CA $18
Abi & Simon Papismado CA $50
In honor of Rachel!
Jimmy And Chana Buzaglo CA $36
Good Luck Rachel!
Anonymous Sponsor US $72.00
Go Rachel !!! Very impressive.
The Ralson Family CA $72
Anonymous CA $18
Go Rachel!!! Im so proud of you ❤️
Beth Green US $36
Sara Mizrahi CA $18
Im so proud of my big sister!!! Go Rachel!!!
Leslie & Glenn Green US $100
Go Rachel! What an amazing goal!
Simcha Wine CA $36
Zalman And Perla CA $54
Good luck Rachel! So proud of you!
Aaron & Laura Harroch CA $36
Wishing you Hatzlacha on your goal! Way to go Rachel!!
Preci Elmaleh CA $50.00
Kol Hakavod Rachel! So proud of you!
Yakov And Cindy Pshemish US $100
You are amazing !!!! May hashem guide the way for you on this amazing journey
Elias And Perla CA $100.00
Way to go Rachel ! So proud of you
Tito Yosi & Tita Sarah CA $165
we’re so proud of you! We love you so much!
Menahem, Rachel, Elias And Perla CA $101
Way to go Rachel!
Safta CA $200
Have a great time Rachel, I love you so much!
Anonymous Sponsor CA $200
Beldeb Family. CA $100
We are very proud of you Rachel. Good luck.
Honey Levy CA $36.00
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