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Batsheva Perelis US $200.00
Tammy Jacobowitz US $180.00
I am so proud of you, Batsheva! You are my inspiration!!
Amy Zwas And Yoram Bitton US $54
Rebeccah & Maurice Appelbaum US $100
Go go go! You rock! So excited for you!
The Gottlieb Family US $118
Go Batsheva!!! We're so happy to support you!
Robin And Justin Straus US $36.00
This is wonderful Batsheva! Wishing you all the best.
Prager Family US $54
Go, Batsheva!!
The Shlieberans (Julie, Eric, Natan, Tovit And Lillie) US $72
Nice work Batsheva!
Abbie US $54
Go, Batsheva! What a beautiful and inspiring family tradition to uphold!
Grandma And Zaydah US $200
Dearest Batsheva, we are immensely proud of your drive and determination!!!
Jonathan Dauber US $36.00
Good luck on your run
Shmillers US $108
Go Batsheva!
Daniel Smokler US $180
Go Batsheva Go!
Allan, Chaim & Ariel Perelis US $180.00
Wishing you a fast and easy run, so proud of you
Yocheved And JJ Schacter US $180
Kol haKavod
Yael Battash US $54.00
Go Batsheva Go!!! We are so proud of you and wish you the best on this run!! Love you!
Adina Galbut US $180
YOU’RE Amazing!!!
Botwinick Family US $36.
Run Batsheva Run!
Serena And Mechi Jenkelowitz US $180.00
Go Batsheva!!
Janet & Kenny Hoffman US $100.00
Out hats go off to you for your hard work.
Abie Perelis US $72.00
Go Batsheva!
Sheryl & Bruce Schainker US $180.00
Uncle Danny And Aunt Sharron Wechter ₪180
We are rooting for you Batsheva! Kol Hakavod
Nancy J. Edelman US $36.00
Passners US $36
kol hakavod
Schlaff-Pearlberg Family US $180.00
We love you Batsheva!
Chanukah Bake Sale! US $100.00
Josh Milner And Aliza Sperling US $54
In honor of the amazing Batsheva!
Familia Kozolchyk Plotkin US $54
Love the legacy of the running Perelis women!! So proud of you!! xoxo
The Dworkens US $36.00
Good luck Batsheva!!!
The Cohen's US $100
Mazels!!! Run your heart out!!!
Kathy & Marty Birn US $54.00
Wishing you a great run, Batsheva - mazel tov!
Galit And Jeffrey Cohen And Family US $100
Go Batsheva!!! We are so proud of you.
Sarale Goldberger US $300.00
In honor of Zeidy’s 90th birthday. May Hashem grant him many more happy healthy years!