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Kiiiiiii $36.00
to my bfffff sister being a tzadekes !! you go girl! cheering you on from 5ts!!!
Ari & Ilana Solomon $50.00
Wishing you much luck!
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Sherri Harari $36
Richard Stein $42.20
May the weather be in your favor and the wind at your back. Oy!
Jonathan Glaubach $72.00
Joyce And Steven Davis $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Robert And Hinda Mizrahi $36
Go MOlly!
Esther, Joe And Chloe Schwartz $180
Good Luck!!! We are so proud of you!!!
Jake And Shira Schwartz $36.00
Jill, Gary & Ian $36
Forget the miles and enjoy!
Sandra Davis $54.00
I’m so proud of you!
Marcia Lafazan $180.00
Toby & Uri Jacobs $180
Good Luck Molly
Deena And Stan Vashovsky $500
We love you Molly!!
The Gershkovich Family $180.00
Go, Molly, go!
Ellen Yager $36
Good luck
Elisheva And Jared $36
Janine Nathan $100.00
Good Luck!
Maria & Mark Lipschutz $25
Joshua Feiler $360
Yashar Koach!
Michele And Donny Frenkel $118
Good luck Molly!
The Krups $180
We are so proud of you!
Deena & Jonathan Moskowitz $180.000
Lynda & Eric Lafazan $100.00
Best of luck Molly