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Mom & Dad CA $50
Go Abby!
Harold Weil CA $36
Shaina Gniwisch CA $100
Good luck Abby! 🎉🎉
Mushka & Avner CA $100
Mitchell Barr CA $100
Devora & Shimon Berman CA $180
Kathryn Kis CA $36
Way to go Abby!
Sharon Letovsky CA $36
Go Abby, go!
Itchy And Zeldie CA $36.00
Shmuel And Chany Gniwisch CA $180
Sarah, David And Molly CA $36.00
Good luck!
Bubbie Davida And Zaida Steve CA $180.00
Good Luck Abby
Alyssa And Yair Meyers And FAM CA $72
Rabbi And Nechama CA $36
Much hatzlacha
Evelyn Howard CA $270
Have an amazing time in Israel. Love, Savta and Lionel
Merle And John Finkelstein CA $100.00
In honour
Helen And Meir CA $72.00
Good luck
Rissa Mechaly CA $54.00
Go Abby!!
Jaynee CA $50.00
Go Abby!
David Migicovsky CA $36
Go Go Go!
Erin And Dave Stern CA $54.00
Good luck Abby!
Sharon And Aaron Stern CA $180
Heather & Emmanuel Amar CA $54.00
Anonymous Sponsor CA $50.00
Eric, Bethia And Nolan CA $36.00
So proud of you!
Mor & Ron CA $50.00
Lianne Vineberg CA $36
Way to go Abby!
Anonymous Sponsor CA $72.00
Shani Et Ascher Berros CA $58
Bravo Abigael pour ton implication pour cette cause!! 👏 Et bonne découverte d Israel 🇮🇱
Avi & Breindy Eskinazi CA $36
Caryn & Allan Nash CA $136.00
Peggy Ross Bybelezer CA $54.00
Best of luck!
Beatrice Levine CA $18.00
good luck
Trudy Pila CA $100.00
Sisney And Michelle Braun CA $50
go abby go
Joanne Druker CA $50.00
Good Luck!! So proud of you.
Ita New CA $18
Anonymous Sponsor CA $50
Sara Ekdir CA $100.00
Go Abby Go❤️
Sara Eldor CA $100.00
Good for you !
Stacey Letovsky CA $36.00
Anonymous Sponsor CA $117.27
Stacey Letovsky CA $184.73