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Shira Block US $54.00
kol hakavod!
Ariela Aharon US $108
Good luck Mimi! I am so proud of you. Love, Aunt Ariela
Mom & Dad US $500.00
We are so very proud of you!!!
Daniella Stadtmauer US $36
#proud#you go girl!
Anonymous Sponsor US $25
go Mimi!!!!!!
Jackie Rebibo US $50
Go Mimi!
Anonymous Sponsor US $54
Run Mimi Run!!!
Aunt CC, Uncle Ben, Chaim, Yaakov, Ari, Izzy And Yehuda US $100.00
We love you Mimi!!!! We are so proud and impressed with you!!
Scott And Tova Loffman US $180.00
Good luck on your run.
Saba And Savta US $360.00
Your dedication to these children bring great honor to your great grandparents
Chaim Block US $50
Good luck Mimi
Josh And Rachel Tomaszewski US $72.00
Make sure to wear comfortable shoes!!
Auntie Erin And Robert US $180.00
You’re Amazing and Going to Rock this! Such a beautiful example of Chesed, you make your great grandparents proud!
The Shapiro’s (Norych’s Lol) US $292.00
Proud of you! We loved Grandma Millie ❤️
Uncle Mark US $180.00
Ian Norych US $180.00
Proud of you, amazing idea to celebrate Grandma Millie!
Rena Newhouse US $180
Kol Hakavod Mimi!!
Shoshana Uzan US $50.0
Sarah And Michael Kashani US $72
Mr. Weinberg US $18
Lisa And Erran Kagan US $180.00
Good luck Mimi!!
Catie US $18
Love you bæ
Nili Aharon US $18.00
Slayyyyy I’m proud of you gurl!!!
Anonymous Sponsor US $108
Go Mimi!
Anonymous Sponsor US $250
Rubin Family US $18
We are cheering for you. Happy to help you support Israel and our Jewish Community.
Anonymous Sponsor US $18
Anonymous Sponsor US $180.00
Susannah Malen US $50.00
That's my girl! (well, one of them anyway)
Shira Lipsky Schwartz US $100
Go Mimi! We are so proud of you! Love, the Schwartz clan.
Shoshana Lunzer US $36.00
I'm so proud of you Mims!!
Atara And Yoshi Block US $18.00
We'll be on the sidelines with some extra gatorade for you!
Sho ₪150
Robyn And Mark Gelberg US $54
Good luck Mimi!
Noah And Naomi Goldstein US $100
You got this Mimi!!