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Anonymous Sponsor ₪400
Well done! Good luck
Chaya And Lorne Lieberman $180.0
Hatzlachah Rabah!
Jeremie Dayan $136
Vanessa & Karl Fallenbaum $180.00
On est très fier de toi! Bravo et bonne continuation!
Arlene Charlie Dayan $180
Thank you for running this marathon to help those beautiful children. You’re a hero love you Arlene &Charlie Dayan
Joelle Amselem $126.00
Kol Hakavod!! What an amazing cause!
Viviane Harrosch $300.00
Levana Dayan $18
Have funn love you
Max Laredo $180
Good luck!!!
Emmanuel, Heather & Elijah Amar $100.00
What a great experience!
Ronny And Nathalie Laredo $50.00
Kol Hakavod Yaacov for participating in such a noble cause!
Moise And Viviane Harrosch $150.00