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Maytal Rahimzada $18
Such an incredible cause. Good luck and keep up the great work!
David Pourat $27.00
Keep it up Yonah! #Proud
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
כל אחד שיקבל חסד ירגיש מאוד
Josephine Zargari $18
Amazing job Yonah! So proud of you & wish you the best!
Janet Keller $18
Best of luck!
Anonymous Sponsor $5
Rabbi Yoni Pollock $18.00
You are the man! Proud of you!
Hassid Family $100
So so proud of you maman!!!!!!!!
Anonymous Sponsor $10
Rabbi Weiss $18.00
So proud of you, Yonah!
Anonymous Sponsor $10
Doug Garfinkel $25
Good luck. Awesome cause.
Jason Zucker $18
Fly bro fly
Menachem M Rabizadeh $140
I love you so much bro. You inspire me daily. Keep it up
Kayla Kreinik $18.00
Amazing job Yonah!! Keep on doing what you do! תזכה למצוות!
Avi Karakowsky $13
Chovat Lifestyle
Eliana Rohr $18.00
Good luck and keep being an inspiration!!
Ohayon Brothers $75.00
Go Yonah Go !! Awesome cause !
Anonymous Sponsor $50
Joe Basal $36
kafash for three BANGGG
Niknam Family $10.00
‏תזכו למצואת
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Good luck
Jonathan Katz $18.00
Aaron Kahen $26.00
Anonymous Sponsor $20.00
Shlomo Shaulian $5
Ariel Homayoonfar $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $72
Mojdeh H $180
Tizku lemirzvot
Doctor Maxwell $76
Anonymous Sponsor $18
Jasmine Namda $26
Behzad Paimany $100
We are proud of you Good luck
Nethanel Lavian $50
Daniella Golyan $20.00
Anonymous Sponsor $18.00
Can’t wait for u to go!! You’re gonna have an amazing time Bh!!
Anonymous Sponsor $11
Mike Wazowski $18
Anonymous Sponsor $10
Love u yonah
Noah Apelbaum $20.00
Love you bro
Joshua Rouhani $20.00
Yonah. Right place Right time
Josh Neman $18
Donna & Afshin Hedvat $126.00
So proud of you Yonah!!
Anonymous Sponsor $52
Tizku Lemitzvot. Leilluy Nishmat Iran Bat Yitzchak
Sandy Shaoolian $18.00
You're amazing Yonah!! So so proud!!
Anonymous Sponsor $1260.00
Great job
David Nazar $100.0
Thank you for doing this good job send my regards to your father-David Nazar
Fereydoun Khalili $100.00
Good job
Dalia Golbari $36.00
כל הכבוד!!Love doyeejan Joseph and Chaleh Dalia Golbari
Rita Ashourzadeh $100.00
Best of luck yona! Amazing cause!