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Lauren Burstein $54.00
Go Soph!
Michelle Kohn $500.00
May Grandpa's memory be a source of joy, nachas and bracha to you always! Go Sophia!!!
PAMELA And Ariel Rothman $100
Go Sophia! So proud of you!
Samara & Eric Feiler $100.00
Good luck Sophia. Have a great race!
Bubby And Zai Burstein $100.00
Sophie, you can do anything you put your mind to! We love you!
Jonathan And Annie Shore $36.00
May the wind be at your back!
Rachel & Shelly Kohn $100.00
Don't forget to stretch
Susan Kohn $500.00
In memory of Grandpa. We’re so proud of you!!
Joshua Brown $100.00
So proud of you Sophia! already cheering you on!!
Avrom And Nancy Brown $54.00
In memory of Murray Kohn
David Karfunkel $100.00
Wishing you a solid run. Make us all proud!
Tali And Brian Kardon $36.00
Go Sophia!
Janice And Steven Jacobs $36.00
Michelle And Adam Lowensteiner $36.00
Good luck Sophia!
Arielle Pachter $36.00
JUST DO IT !!!!!!
Way to go Sohpie!!! Your Grandpa would be so proud.
Rabbi Melvin And Pearl Burg $36
What a wonderful way to honor your grandfather Murray’s memory and make your grandmother Susan so proud
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
What a beautiful mitzvah in memory of your Grandpa, Z'L. He would be so proud!
Lauren And David Kohn ₪125
What a special tribute to Uncle Murray. Have a great run!
Deena Bari, Gregory, Jonah And Elyssa $100
In memory of Murray Kohn
Anonymous Sponsor $36
Jordana Burstein $10
Love you, Sophie ❤️
Anonymous Eisenberg $36.00
Eileen & Murray Rothman $54
Rogoff Family $500.00
Zahava Roth $10
Go Sophia!