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Anonymous Sponsor $100
Keep on helping others!
Ben & Tzippy Kiss $18
Barbara Petlin $36.00
Good luck. Hope I yet to run with you
Abe Gershbaum $18
Yossie Zucker $180.00
Emanuel Adler $50
Go Sarah! Di Gabbe Kvelt. Helen and Manny Adler
Jonathan Bendavid/ $180
Jack Forgash $360
Marla Friedman $18
Tizki L'mitzvot Sarah!
Dan & Jamie Schwartz $260.00
It is a honor and privilege to help sponsor a very special young lady who displays such fine character and is such a special credit to klal Yisrael. $10.00 for each mile of the marathon.
Jay Weinberger $100
Suzette & Harold Diamond $180.00
Good luck in the marathon.
Neal Einhorn , Mark Friedman And The CareRite Family ! $500
Good luck Sarah !
Good luck Sarah and may G-d bless you for supporting such a great instatution.
Meryl And Lazer Blisko $180.00
Sarah Kiss
Matan Cafri $100
Margules Foundation Inc. $250
Anonymous Sponsor $100
Jeff Sorkin $100.00
LENNY & Mushy Fuld $152.00
Keep running to do chesed, just like your dear parents.
Dr. Norman Sohn $100.00