All Donors

Michelle Brody $180
Go Sam! We are so happy to support you as you do this great mitzvah.
Lev Blumenfeld $36
Glick Family $100.00
Good luck Sam! An awesome Mitzvah! Love, The Glicks
The Askowitz Family $180
So proud of you Sam and Bernie would be too!!!!
Daniel Cohen $100
Good luck Sam!
Waitman/Amaru Family $180.00
Go Sam!
Nili Gitig $180.00
So proud of you
Dana Kronick Buttlar $54
Adina Shoulson And Todd Stern $72.00
Go Sam! What a great way to honor your Uncle Bernie!
Singer Family $36
So proud of you Sam!!
Jon Rosner & Dena Rabinowitz $100
Alexis And Alan $100
Run Sam Run!!
The Feders $100
Kol Hakavod!!!
Deborah Weinberger $360.00
Go baby go... Uncle Bernie would have LOVED knowing you are running in his honor.
The Gitig Family $300
Sam, we are so proud to have you as a friend!
Zinhle Mthembu $14
Aunt Sandy And Uncle Howie $360.00
Best of luck!! Bernie would be there rooting for you!!! So proud!!
Lisa, David, Nili, Jack & Maya Kriegel $100.00
So proud of you sam!! Way to go!
Stefanie & Adam Kris $250
Good luck! LGR!!
Jessica & Shlomo Ressler $199
Great job Sam!!!
Alex, David, Eli, Joey And Tzipi Kahn $100.00
Yasher Koach, Sam. You inspire us!
Eva Weinberger $36.00
I think you are doing a great job! We love you!!
Gita Scheinman $100.00
In memory of Bernie Weinberger
Michelle Dittelman Dittelman $72.00
Kay Cohen & Arnie Cohen $36.00
Have a great run!
Debbie & Sergey Fein $18
Way to go Sam! Bernie would be proud!
Sammi Kris $36
Suzy& AJ Toporovsky $36.00
Good luck Sam! Bernie would be so proud of you
Jay Weinberger $180
Lizzy And Josh Trump $100.00
way to go Sam! Your uncle Bernie would be so proud