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Hershel $36
Anonymous Sponsor $180
GO ORELLE! We love you!!!
Stermans $180.00
You are amazing!
Ronit And Joey Neiman $181.00
Eeta And Jason Pinewski $118
Way to go Orelle! Good luck with the training and run!
Racheli Atlas $100
Zach Abraham $20.00
Good luck Orelle!
Yaniv And Michal Schiller $500
Have fun
Drora Waltuch $100
Daniella & Alex $100
Go Orelle!! We can’t wait to see pics of you at the run!
Lia And Eytan Schiller $180
Go Orelle!!
Noam And Ilana Waltuch $100
Good Luck Orelle!
Anonymous Shakarchi Marcher $500.00
Go Orelle!
Tani Cohen $1.00
This is for the supreme stuff you’ll give for my birthday
Abigail Sultanik $18
Run orelle run
Lauren Schuss $180.00
Tamar Moche $18.
In honor of the amazing Daniella
Anonymous $36
Anonymous Sponsor $108
Anonymous Sponsor $72
Orelle you’re amazing!!